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Magic Ink SMP specializes in and is a leading provider of Scalp Micropigmentation with over nine thousand satisfied clients. Our practitioners are widely considered as some of the world’s finest in the industry. At Magic Ink SMP, we believe that Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the most practical of the modern tools currently available in the fight against hair loss.

Mike Muszynski

“Magic” Mike Muszynski

Growing up in Poland, Mike was constantly entrenched by art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, had ignited within him a passion for creating at a very young age. His interest in art would later lead him to finding his purpose, mastering a craft, and changing the lives of thousands. “To me, scalp micropigmentation is a life changing procedure where I get to work on a live canvas, create something realistic, and get to reinstate individuals confidence.”

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, through his studies, Mike honed in his artistic skills to include fashion, logo, and graphic design techniques. This further developed his creativity and love for the arts. After a decade or so of dedication to his craft, Mike discovered his desire to get into tattooing. While designing custom tattoos for himself and those around him, Mike discovered a traditional form of tattooing that he not only enjoyed, but also was particularly skilled at. The technique is called “Dot Work,” and Mike’s discovery of this particular technique was the stepping stone for his entry into the world of SMP.

“Mike’s Journey With Hair Loss”

Mike’s struggle with hair loss began at a young age, affecting many aspects of his life. After trying several hair loss solutions over the course of many years, Mike had finally had enough and was looking for a permanent solution. When Mike heard about SMP he decided to get the procedure done from a local company in Chicago. After the procedure, Mike realized that his love for tattooing had finally opened the doors to a career he would truly love and excel at. He says, “I was inspired by the concept and how much of a difference it made in my life, and from that point on I wanted to help those who shared my struggle feel what I felt. I knew that I had stumbled upon my calling.”

Mike traveled to the UK where he was trained by world renowned practitioners Paul Clark & Simon Lane. After three months of training, he ventured to Los Angeles to finish his training with the company where he had his own SMP treatment completed. After receiving the best training the the industry had to offer, Mike came home to Chicago, Illinois where he would work for several years as a lead practitioner, and earn a reputation as one of the top artists in the industry.

“Magic Ink SMP”

With over 7,000 treatments under his belt, Mike has become synonymous with the innovative technique of creating density, more realistic hairlines, and the “fade look” style. Many clients have traveled from all over the world with one goal, to receive their treatment from Mike. With awards from Meeting of the Minds as one of the best artists in America, sponsorships from top needle and ink companies, a requested speaker at industry events, Mike is still just getting started. From working with companies such as HIS Hair Clinic, to being the lead practitioner at Hairline Ink, Mike now brings you Magic Ink SMP. The next chapter for Mike in the scalp micropigmentation industry has only begun!

Scott Ryan

Scott “Ruger” Ryan

A Chicago native, Scott has been a creative mind since a child. From graffiti, video editing, writing, recording, and performing music Scott has always had a passion and love for the arts. To this day Scott still creates and performs music as a member of the group “SevenSixx”. After having scalp micropigmentation (SMP) done and personally experiencing the resulting confidence boost, Scott “Ruger” Ryan knew he wanted to make a change in his life and become a practitioner. Scott loves that he can help change clients’ lives by restoring their self image. “Being in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry allows me to be creative and help people on a daily basis. To me it doesn’t even feel like work, it’s something I love doing.”

As an individual who has an eye and ear for art, SMP has allowed Scott to use his creativity in his career as a practitioner. Scott has always had a passion for tattooing, as someone who designed all of his own tattoos and has a vision for how tattoos should flow and look, Scott has been able to use that same vision to help others with their hair loss by joining the SMP industry.

“Scott’s Journey With Hair Loss”

In May of 2018, Scott’s younger brother passed away. Not long after, Scott noticed his hair was thinning and getting patchy from the stress and trauma of dealing with his loss. Scott had been sporting a closely buzzed haircut since he was a kid and had no desire to grow out his hair to cover up the thinning areas. Scott stumbled upon SMP when he was looking at options for keeping the shaved look, disguise the thinning areas, and get his mind off of it to help him get back on his feet from the loss of his brother. As someone who already had tattoos, SMP seemed like a natural fit and the most logical solution to his thinning hair.

During his research on SMP, he kept seeing ads for Hairline Ink and renowned practitioner “Magic” Mike Muszynski. After having a free consultation with Mike and seeing his skills and knowledge firsthand, Scott was sure that SMP was the right treatment for him.

Less than a month after his SMP treatment, Scott decided he wanted to get involved in the industry. He reached out to Mike about getting involved. “It turns out that Mike was looking for someone to assist him, everything seemed to perfectly fall into place.” he says. Scott was properly trained by Mike for 3 months, one on one, and they have worked side by side as a team ever since.

“Magic Ink SMP”

With over 1,200 treatments in his back pocket, Scott has built up a reputable portfolio and has followed in the footsteps of the knowledge and techniques taught to him by Mike. Scott is known in the industry not only as a practitioner but as an all around artist creating songs and music videos relating to SMP. Scott has also spoke along side Mike at industry events, an unstoppable team, after three years with Hairline Ink, Scott joins Mike in their new venture as “Magic Ink SMP”, this artists journey in the industry is still just getting started!


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