Scar Micropigmentation: Frequently Asked Questions

Scars are a nasty thing that tends to lower one’s confidence. We tend to lock the outside world and hide. Scar pigmentation is a process that will help you see scars completely differently. It’s a way to regain your confidence and gain back your life. 

If you’re considering scar micropigmentation in Chicago, we prepared a list of the most common FAQs to learn more about before the procedure. They will help you mentally prepare and teach you the fundamentals of the procedure and what you can expect.


What is scar micropigmentation?

What is scar micropigmentation?

Scar micropigmentation is an SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) procedure that is designed to conceal any preexisting scars on your scalp. SMP technicians achieve this effect by tactically inserting pigmentation around the affected area, thus giving it a concealed look.

SMP treatments are performed with a tattoo gun using very fine needles. The needles themselves are usually between 0.15mm and 0.25mm in diameter. It’s important to note that after the treatment, the puncture holes shrink to about 0.07mm and 0.12mm, approximately the size of a human hair follicle.


Is scar micropigmentation painful?

A scar micropigmentation treatment may not necessarily be painful, but it may be uncomfortable. This treatment is for all intents and purposes. It’s a specific tattoo session designed to restore the natural look of your scalp and boost your confidence.

Take every measure and precaution that your SMP technician tells you to do to minimize the discomfort of the experience. Eat and rehydrate before the procedure, do not consume blood-thinning medication, and do not expose your scalp to the sun.


How old should a scar be before getting scar micropigmentation?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. The depth of the scar, how far along the healing process is, as well as the position of the scar. While it may be uncomfortable, waiting longer before you undergo an SMP treatment might be more beneficial to you in the long run.

This will give the scar ample time to heal and flatten out, thus reducing the chances that the ink will migrate as the scar matures. The best thing you can do is to consult your physician beforehand. They’ll provide the most accurate assessment of whether your skin is ready to undergo the procedure.


How should I care for my scalp after the procedure?

After the procedure, your technician will advise you on how to best maintain your scalp to help speed up recovery. Usually, the recovery process involves keeping the targeted area clean by properly washing it with antibacterial soap, keeping it hydrated by applying the right ointments and avoiding sun exposure.

If you follow the technician’s instructions and do everything right, you should make a partial recovery in two weeks and a full recovery within a month. 


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